The Main Sequence

by dirtclodfight

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the Main Sequence:

an allegory of love, loss, enlightenment as told through the life of a dwarf star in the main sequence.


released October 1, 2013

Basic tracks : Engineerd by Stephen Parker and Sean Shock at Sprout Studios and Space Eugene
Mixed by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studios in Seattle
Mastered by Tony Reed

Austin Swartout -drums
Jason Locher - Bass
Phil Merwin - Vox - Guitars - Samples
Adam Goldman - Lead guitar on Red Dwarf
Josh Vincent - Lead Guitar on Blue Dwarf
Mike Scheidt - Guitars on Forming and White Dwarf
Tad Doyle - War drums on Blue Dwarf

Written By Phil Merwin



all rights reserved


dirtclodfight Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Forming...
Track Name: Red Dwarf
we are all scars
and collide like stars
forming for immolation
left alone for too long
eyes now open and they light and they burn

..and scream a blood meridian
and bleed out the night.

a celestial dream
awake from sleep
a celestial dream
...stay awake!

... and fly a sky of light
a red glow of the soul...

a celestial dream
awake from sleep
a celestial dream
...stay awake...
Track Name: Blue Dwarf
A dying bruised wolf howl
pulls us down from flight
so tired of soaring now, and
so hungry.

Feeding on and killing off
in a fear frenzy...
we storm the gates, but spoil the feast
as all flesh melts away

in the fires of blue nothingness
where the you burns out of you

And time keeps running out
running out of you
and time keeps burning out
burning out on you...

Storm the gates, spoil the feast.

...and there is no absolute
your god lied...
nothing real is everlasting

he is a phoney
he is a fake
he is a liar
he is a thief

your god lied
Track Name: White Dwarf
parasitic prayers
with acid teeth
eating away
at this dream

a singing death mantra
kisses the wounds
of this samsara
this cracked face star

falling away
from this form
nothing is final
only reborn

back to the ocean
of dust and scars
Nothing is wasted
only returned

White light eyes like hot knives
destroying the host
sufffocating on the illusion
and lost to this seperation

white hot and breaking down

dissolving into a hollow
soul body cannablized
we spit blood through teeth like breath now
exhale our prison selves and we run

white hot and breaking down

breaking, breaking, breaking....

everything believed
turns self assassin
and kills the witness
of this implosion

a diamond dense
inucubus heat
burns out
and returns to sleep
Track Name: Black Dwarf
there is nothing that can define such empty
a lack of everything brings us to the all
let the time suffer the space
let the space suffer through time

Blackened blood burned out

the body was only a dream sleeping
everything real was only in flux
in a state between states
always and forever

Blackened blood burned out

..and back to the dust
fall away and into it...
returning you to the absence of you.

..and back to the dust
to the absence of you.