Hope you like the rain

by phil merwin

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Acoustic demo's recorded by me, for me.


released August 12, 2013




all rights reserved


dirtclodfight Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: ghosts
don't let me back into your heart
I'll only tear your world apart
don't let me back into your heart

I'll scream like ghosts inside your head

don't let me back into your mind
i'll haunt you until the end of time
don't let me back into your mind
Track Name: Storm Drain
Her hips dont confuse me
or the light from this cold sun
with her arms tied around me
and the damage all done

her eyes rip through me
like a wind's howl and moan
and bring a redemption
in a light just reborn

and I know I believe it
like the wind through my bones
and I know I belive it
like the collpasing of lungs

in a strom drain washed heartlight
that carves a way for our dream
but serves up generous portions
of everything I can never be... for you

I swear I beleive her
when she says I can stay
like black birds scream at the night,
I swear to her I might just run away

but she won't believe me
because I'll beg to come home
just like a prisoner
loves his cell more than the road.
Track Name: Oceans of it.
There are your eyes
like an ocean of regret
its tide rising
sick and slow over our lips
...as a Blue-grey eyelight
fades me into you;
voices lost to the current,
and we succumb to its depths.

There is a space
we clouded with sadness
but not in any
spoken language
more like a dead sky
waiting over us
with heads to our chests,
and anchored to oblivion.

Just let it pull you under
so, I can drown with you,
and live again
and live again
Just let it pull you down
so, I can fall into you,
and live again
and live again